This website is the face of the Bangladeshi community of Campbelltown and the organisation ‘Bangladesh Welfare Society Campbelltown’ (BWSC).

The society’s aim is to help provide for the social and cultural needs of more than 500 Bangladeshi families living in the Campbelltown area and its surrounds and helps establish and maintain a good relationship between its members. The main intention of the BWSC is to help the Bangladeshi society in Campbelltown to preserve our own cultural identity in Australia by holding a number of social and cultural events throughout the year with the help of the community. The society also finds it of great importance to introduce and uphold our Bangladeshi culture among our children and find that various programmes and events assist this.

We invite the community to participate in our initiative and help in our goal to establish a permanent multipurpose community centre for the Bangladeshi community in Campbelltown.

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