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Are you looking to change your career?

Do you like to trade?

Does gas clicks your mind when you think about heat?

Well, the idea of becoming a gas fitters in Beerwah is straightforward and one of the best career path for you. Most times when we finish school we do not know what to do and in the trade industry we have variety of options and a gas fitter person is one of them. Nevertheless, to be a gas fitter you need to have drive and passion to work. An individual who is passionate can work in this kind of industry and emerge the best.

Certificate in Gas fitting course

When you have decided that you want to have your career as gas fitter persons, you will have to do a certificate course. This sign up takes less than 20 days and you can now begin your tasks as a gas fitter. It only takes up to 3 months for an individual to complete the training and be qualified in this field. As an employer such a training course is funded via apprenticeship course.

Application for a gas fitter license 

 Before you begin the gas fitter service job, you will require having an interim license that can be held for a year. One can apply for the license via online platforms available in the state or country you are. After you have received the license you need to also complete up to 7 jobs in the first year. Then you are now able to get into the workforce and work under supervision of a qualified gas fitter.  In this year you will also be required to complete 7 gas jobs as well and the supervisor will sign them off. This shows that you are now 2 years of experience as a gas fitter.

During the six months- progress with your certificate course in plumbing services get your interim license and you are now able to work on other service units. This is a training procedure that has to be completed before you progress to be a full gas licensed individual. As a plumber you do require the interim license to do all the remaining units. In this training you will have 2 units that need to be completed and also do a practical training. An individual can hold the interim gas license for a full year before they can apply for the full gas license. Nevertheless, the training of the remaining units can be done within the 6 months after the application is made.

Application for a full gas license

After a full year of using the interim license and you have also completed Certificate IV that involves plumbing in various units not to forget the  jobs that have been signed off by your supervisor you are now eligible to have a full gas working license. This application can be made online and once it is successful; you can get your full gas working license.


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